The Madness Has Begun

Wow, what a season we are having! Or we could talk about the first 13 days of the season! That’s right, only 13 days into the season and it has already been spectacular! Games are being played with the sense and urgency of lose and you’re done mentality. The Tournament feeling is already here and we haven’t even begun conference play yet. The 2015-2016 season is really shaping up to be a magnificent show when March comes around! As of now we have 44 teams who are undefeated and 22 teams who are still looking for their first win. What is even more exciting is the amount of ranked opponents who have lost. 5 top 25 teams fell yesterday and in all we have had a total of 21 teams who have suffered defeat while ranked in the top 25. Of those only 5 fell to other ranked opponents and 6 of them were top 10 teams. Granted Kansas and Duke are counted in this, but still this is quite a high number for this point in the season! What is even more shocking is the fact that the so called mid majors are holding their own even in defeat. Keep a lookout for weekly updates starting in December, along with my complete ranking of all 351 Division 1 teams to be updated every month. Please pass this blog along to those fellow basketball fans out there and comment with your opinion of why this year has already started out with a bang!


The Time Has Come!

With the season starting in less than a week, college basketball fans are gearing up for another exciting season. Even before the official start the excitement and underdog theme of March has already begun with St. John’s and Iowa losing exhibition games to non-Division I opponents. The 2015-2016 season will be a tough fought battle between the usual powerhouses and a few new teams looking to have tremendous seasons. The blue bloods North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke all are starting off this season ranked in the top 5 joined by a stellar Maryland team that is returning most of their depth from last year. Rounding out the top ten are are Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Gonzaga, and Wichita State. The ACC and Big 12 will have a tough season with great teams beating one another up during conference play, so staying perfect until then will be important for many of these programs. This season will mark one of the first season in a while where experience will be a huge impact leaving freshmen talent to have mentors to better themselves throughout the season. I believe that the NCAA tournament will feature less upsets this year as the high class programs are bringing back so many returners to March. Villanova, Gonzaga, and Maryland will join the National Champions North Carolina in the Final Four. Enjoy the season and be ready for action to start right away on Friday.