Bracket 2/26

*Bracket does not include the Sunday results*

Last Four In: Syracuse, Kansas State, California, Illinois

First Four Out: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Clemson, Tennessee

Next Four Out: TCU, Indiana, Wake Forest, Rhode Island


Conference Breakdown: Big East (7), Big 12 (6), ACC (9), WCC (2), Pac 12 (5), SEC (4), American (2), A-10 (2), Big Ten (8)


Bracket 2/12

Updated Bracket for games through 2/11.

Top 4 seeds: Villanova, Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga

Last 4 byes: TCU, Michigan, VCU, Clemson

Last 4 In: Tennessee, Georgetown, Kansas State, California

First 4 Out: Indiana, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Wake Forest

Still in the hunt: Rhode Island, Providence, Pittsburgh, Arkansas, Illinois, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, NC State, Iowa, Texas Tech, Ohio State, Houston, Illinois State, Penn State, Nebraska, Memphis, Texas A&M, Utah, Mississippi State, Texas

Conference Breakdown: Big East(7), Big 12 (7), WCC (2), ACC(9), Pac 12 (5), SEC(4), American(2), Big Ten(7), A-10(2)


Top 16

With the selection committee releasing their Top 16 seeds tomorrow, I wanted to do the same. I am very intrigued by how this new process will turn out. With only 16 teams being released it really isn’t giving away anything besides the possibility of who they believe the number 1 overall seed is. However, with an entire month of the season still to come so many changes can still take place. So here are my top 16 in order:

#1. Villanova

#2. Kansas

#3. Baylor

#4. Gonzaga

#5. Virginia

#6. Louisville

#7. North Carolina

#8. Oregon

#9. Arizona

#10. Florida State

#11. Kentucky

#12. Cincinnati

#13. Creighton

#14. Butler

#15. Duke

#16. West Virginia




2/4 Bracket

The season is really getting interested and this prediction will be torn up by the end of today I’m sure. Top four seeds in order Baylor, Kansas, Villanova, Gonzaga, Arizona, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisville, Florida State, Creighton, Oregon, West Virginia, Butler, Cincinnati, Duke.

Last Four In: Oklahoma State, VCU, Georgetown, Tennessee.

First Four Out: California, Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, Kansas State

Next Four Out: Miami, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Georgia

Conference Breakdown: Big 12 (6), Big East (6), WCC (2), Pac-12 (4), ACC (9), SEC (5), American (2), Big Ten (8), A-10 (3)