Weekend Update

With one weekend in the books it’s time to talk basketball at a high rate. The plan for right now is to post 3 times a week for this season. On Mondays I will be posting a weekend update of the impact games. Tuesdays will consist of the updated rankings and the teams most likely to win the conference. Fridays will be a week update on all the impact games and a look ahead to the weekend. So to start off, let’s take a look at weekend #1.

Mizzou started the season at home against Iowa State. In a much anticipated start to the season the Tigers showed that they will be a tough out in the SEC, and did so with Michael Porter Jr. playing very limited time.

Tulsa started with a loss to Lamar. Meaning that the American conference will need some big wins in the non-conference to help with its strength of schedule. A team with hopes of being an at large team is now looking to really pick up from where the season started.

The big game of opening night was Texas A&M and West Virginia. The #25 Aggies took down the #11 Mountaineers opened the season in Germany. Texas A&M handled the team and most likely put the questions about A&M to rest this team will fight with Kentucky and Florida for the SEC. West Virginia isn’t done for the season and with some more work they will be back in the top.

Indiana opened the season in a stunning loss to Indiana State, a team most likely to finish in the bottom half of the Missouri Valley. Indiana may be in for a long season but with Miller on the bench they will only get better.

Wake Forest was looking to start on the right foot and stay in the bubble talk but with a loss to Georgia Southern, it may not be the season for them.

Saint Bonaventure and Saint Joseph’s look to have promise in the A-10, but both stumbled in losses to Niagara and Toledo. If this continues the A-10 may take a big hit and could turn into a 1 bid conference.

UCLA and Georgia Tech played a great game and both showed promise. UCLA came away with a win but Georgia Tech will put up some fight throughout the season.

Kentucky had a hard time with Utah Valley before putting them away and in a very good tournament style game barely escaped Vermont. Vermont could be a team who can earn an at large bid come March but Kentucky and its young crew has a lot to learn if it wants to continue being the top dog in the SEC.

Upcoming games to watch this Week:


# 15 Minnesota vs. Providence

Vanderbilt vs. Belmont

Rhode Island vs. Nevada


#1 Duke vs. #2 Michigan State

#4 Kansas vs #5 Kentucky #20 Purdue vs. Marquette


Butler vs. Maryland

Indiana vs. #23 Seton Hall BYU vs. Princeton Creighton vs. #19 Northwestern


Virginia Tech vs. Saint Louis

Missouri vs. Utah

#17 Xavier vs.Wisconsin

Check Out the Bracket Matrix Here



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