New Year, New Rankings (1/1)

Happy New Year!!! With the new year upon us the season is beginning to feel more and more like March. Multiple top ten teams have been falling every week but are able to bounce back and try to regain a stronghold to solidify there NCAA tournament berth and the best seed that they can achieve. With this new year my rankings are switching over to be more of a seed list. Teams will be ranked based on their overall resume and not based on who I truly believe is the best team in the country. Seed list should be posted every week and the hopes are putting a bracket out once or twice a month. Without further ado here are the first rankings 2018!

Rankings - Sheet4-page-001

First Four Out: Ohio State, Louisville, Nebraska, Utah

Last Four In: Syracuse, UCF, Georgia, St. Bonaventure

Next Four Out: San Diego State, Boston College, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech

A-10 (2), AAC (4), ACC (8), Big 12 (7), Big East (7), Big Ten (4), Pac 12 (4), SEC (8)

Check out this bracket and more at the Bracket Matrix!


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