1/8 Seed List

After an absolutely crazy weekend the standings have yet changed again!! If this is surprising to you, buckle up because this is just the beginning. As I have been doing this I usually see 1 or 2 teams who have pretty much guaranteed themselves a one seed by this time of the year with maybe 4 to 6 other teams who are fighting for those last two spots. However, this year I honestly can see 8 maybe 10 teams who are making a case for a 1 seed with no one realty separating themselves. It’s going to be a long a fun conference season! This week doesn’t bring too much to the table but still some games to see.                Tuesday: Texas A&M @ Kentucky, Texas Tech @ Oklahoma, Baylor @ West Virginia, Syracuse @ Virginia, Butler @ Creighton, Seton Hall @ Marquette                                            Wednesday: Xavier @ Villanova, Louisville @ Florida State, Georgia @ Missouri, TCU @ Texas                                                                                                                                                          Thursday: Maryland @ Ohio State, Clemson @ NC State, Utah @ UCLA                                    Friday: Marquette @ Butler

As always take a look at the Bracket Matrix!!       1-8 standings

Last Four In: Georgia, Minnesota, Marquette, Syracuse

First Four Out: Houston, Oklahoma State, LSU, Mississippi State

Next Five Out: Maryland, UCF, Louisville, St. Bonaventure, Utah


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