2/8 Seed List

Wednesday evening brought another day of the season to show that anythong can happen this year. St. John’s followed up their win over Duke to take down Villanova on the road. It is a big win for the Red Storm picking up their first Big East win of the year and becoming a team that the Big East may not want to play when the conference tournament comes around. Staying in the Big East, Marquette also won on the road against a very good Seton Hall team and is staying right there as a team that is fighting to earn a bid to the tournament. In the ACC Virginia survivedover Florida State, and Virginia Tech got a much needed win over NC State. The Hookies and Wolfpack are both bubble teams and need to continue to play well in order to be in. Kansas State stayed alive by beating Texas and Texas A&M got a huge win at Auburn. Ohio State went into Purdue and was able to come away with a win bringing their chances to win the Big Ten even higher. Maryland lost to Penn State and I honestly believe that they will have to win the Big Ten tournament to make the big dance. I am still considering them because I believe with a a few big wins in the Big Ten tournament they may have a chance. The season is long from over so stay tuned for more.

Thursday Bracket Impact Games:

Florida Gulf Coast vs. NJIT, Manhattan vs. Rider, William & Mary vs. Charleston, Pittsburgh vs. Clemson, Vermont vs, Albany, Georgia Tech vs, Louisville, Louisiana vs. Georgia State, Rice vs. Middle Tennessee, Green Bay vs. Wright State, Stanford vs. Utah, Duke vs. North Carolina, FAU vs. Western Kentucky, Belmont vs. Tennessee State, SMU vs. Houston, Gonzaga vs. Pacific, UCLA vs. Arizona, Saint Mary’s vs. Loyola Marymount, Washington vs. Oregon, USC vs. Arizona State

Check out the Bracket Matrix!!


Last Four In: Virginia Tech, USC, Houston, LSU

First Four Out: Mississippi State, Marquette, Oklahoma State, Syracuse

Next Five Out: Georgia, SMU, South Carolina, Baylor, Notre Dame

Still Considered: Boston College, Western Kentucky, Utah, Iowa State, St. Bonaventure, Boise State, UCLA, UCF, Maryland, Temple, Nebraska, Maryland, Oregon, Georgetown, Minnesota

Conference Breakdown: ACC (9), SEC (9),Big 12 (7),  Big East (6), Big Ten (4), Pac-12 (4), AAC (3),  WCC (2)


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