1-135, history was made and UMBC became the first team ranked 16 to win over a 1 seed. The Retreivers not only won the game but they dominated A Virginia team who had only lost two games all year, won the ACC tournament and regular season, and were without question the number 1overall team to in the tournament. UMBC put in a show and Jairus Lyles seemed unstoppable. They put up 53 points in the second half outscorring the Caviliers by 20, shot 54% from the field, 50% from three connecting on 12 from downtown, outrebounded virhinia by 10 and assisted on 16 of their 26 made field goals. On top of all of this it never even felt as if Virginia would be able to come back  they weren’t themselves. UMBC made them flustered, they caused them to speed up their game and shoot shots that they normally don’t take and they completely took Virginia out of the game. This was no Miracle and was bound to happen some day but today this was complete domination.

Current Tournament Record: 20-12

Second Round Picks:

Villanova over Alabama

Duke over Rhide Island

Buffalo over Kentucky

Tennessee over Loyola

Kansas over Seton Hall

Gonzaga over Ohio State

Texas Tech over Florida

Houston over Michigan




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